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New reports on readership for newspapers; the results may be surprising


Illustration by Jeff Vella

Two very important pieces of information came out this past week for the newspaper world.

The first one is by the Audit Bureau of Circulations. This report showed that out of the top 25 daily newspapers in the US, one newspaper had a gain in sales and readership. The paper with the gain in sales and readership was the Wall Street Journal. Every other top newspaper had decline in sales and readership and it wasn’t a little decline. The declines look hefty.

The second piece of useful information came from the National Newspaper Association which conducted a survey about the readership among local papers. The survey concluded that weekly community newspaper readerships are at 81 percent with 73 percent of the people say they read the whole paper.

Hmmmm…so this brings up the question is it just daily papers who are struggling with readership or are local weekly papers having trouble too?

Do you find yourself reading local weekly newspapers more than daily newspapers?


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