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Hear a tweet, there a tweet, everywhere a tweet, tweet

In the last week Twitter has added two new applications for users. The first application is adding lists to your page. The lists allow you to categorize your friends, family, co-workers or any other category you want to come up with. This is useful if you are looking for a particular person and you don’t have time to look through all of your tweets or the people you follow to find them. Some Tweeters may not have this application yet because they were distributed to a limited amount of accounts but I’m sure it will be coming to a page near you soon. 

The downside to this is that when you press to retweet you cannot make a comment, you just automatically retweet the message. That takes some of the fun out of retweeting. You can still retweet the old fashion way of RT and then cutting and pasting the tweet, but I know that is like so five minutes ago.

I’m sure Twitter will figure out a way sooner or later, on how to make a comment before the retweet, on the retweet button.

Twitter also has things popping up on the page when the curser moves across the page, telling the viewer where the retweet came from or the fact that the retweet source cannot be identified. That is a little annoying.

I hope Twitter does not go overboard with too many things. I like things to be simple sometimes or I feel like my head will explode.

What do you think do you like all the pop ups and craziness or do you like things simple sometimes?


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Twitter banned in the sports world

ESPN was continuing to talk last night about the ban of tweeting before, during, the middle, or right after the game. North American sports ranging from the NFL, NBA and the NHL have banned tweeting.

One issue that has come to light this season is the fact that Larry Fitzgerald’s brother was tweeting during a game about Kurt Warner, who is Fitzgerald’s teammate, later Fitzgerald’s brother said he was only joking.

The ban could also go onto Facebook and would not be limited to just the players. The ban will involve coaches and other personnel. The reporters for ESPN were banned from using twitter as a means to report on the news in early August.

It amazes me that technology has become so big and so incorporated in our lives that changes have been made to the sports world.

I am torn on the idea on banning tweeting. On one hand I think the players need to be focused on the game and on the other hand I think the players should have the freedom to do what they want.

What do you think?

Click the pic to see the source

Click the pic to see the source

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Sam Sessa from the Midnight Sun

10229_1125114942445_1664292095_422330_6785416_nSam Sessa, a reporter and blogger from the Baltimore Sun visited my Writing for New Media class on Thursday to give us some advice on blogging and the world of news in general.

Sam got his job at the Sun right after graduation from University of Maryland in 2005. He said he was lucky to have found a job that fast after graduation.

“I wish they had a class like this one when I was in school.”

When Sam first started at the Sun he was a print reporter only. The Sun then allowed him to start up his blog, the Midnight Sun.

“First and foremost I’m a reporter, that’s what pays the bills. A third of the day is towards the blog.”

Sam said, when he first started his blog he had to run everything by his editors first before it was posted and he felt like he was screaming into a vacuum every time he posted. I felt no one was listening, that’s how I feel too. I guess it just goes with the territory.

He said he had to connect to other bloggers to feel connected in the blogger world. Connection is key.

When you connect with one person and then they connect to you and then the connection continues it is like a snowball effect.

I agree with this, in my short time as a blogger, when I produce a post and let others know of the post through, MySpace, Facebook, or Twitter and then go to other blogs and submit comments, my hits on my blogs are pretty good but when I don’t do any networking my numbers are bad.

I mean they’re not as good as a professional but I’m happy with the results. I just wish I had more time to commit to the blog and post more often.

Sam suggests that you post 5 to 6 times-a-day. Wow that’s a lot. But it’s true, the blogs that are successful post a lot and the best times to post are between 7:30 and 8, 10 to 11 and then again in the afternoon. The reason for this is because many people check their favorite blogs when they get to work in the morning, at lunch, before they leave work and then maybe once again in the evenings. You should always try to post something. People want to see something fresh and new when they click on your page.

 I feel a rush when I post something and then I get another one when I to check to see if I have any hits or comments.  I really enjoy blogging.

I bet there are a lot of you out there who have wanted to try creating a blog but haven’t really been sure how to be successful. I have plenty of more tips to come from Sam and I will be posting them soon.

I’d like to hear from you and see what your ideas for blogs would be. So post the ideas under comments I love hearing from you guys.  

(to be continued)


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Beat twitters I follow

There are some really great people I have found over the last couple of days on Twitter, to follow for my beat. Their blogs and tweets have helped keep me intune and up to date with what is going on in the world.


@10000words Mark S. Luckie has a multimedia journalism blog with the same name as his twitter.
@digitaljournal Digitaljournal reports from over 140 countries, it is a media news network.
@TMCmedia Media Consortium is a media outlet that supports independent journalism.
@smh_multimedia SMH Multimedia is based in Australia and is an award-winning multimedia and photos for “The Sydney Morning Herald.”
@bpsears Bryan P. Sears works for Patuxent Publishing Co. in Baltimore County as political editor and blogger.
@MsBeat Ms. Beat runs the blog  Beatblogging.org on is on top the multimedia beat reporting scene.
@pgillin Paul Gillin is a speaker, writer and social media marketing consultant he also has his own blog.
@lavrusik Vadim Lavrusik is a Columbia Journalism New Media grad student and has a blog named after himself. 


@CIRChrista Christa Scharfenberg has many hats but what sticks out to me is her interest in nonprofit journalism and investigative reporting.
@mediatwit Mark Glaser is the executive editor of PBS MediaShift and is a writer.
@MartinLangeveld MartinLangeveld is a new media blogger for NiemanLab.org.
@nickdimarco Nick DiMarco is a Towson University Mass Comm. major that will be graduating this winter. He is also my fellow class mate who has a similar blog topic.
Over the last couple of days I have really felt connected to the new media world through twitter, blogs, Google Reader and websites. I have been able to connect with some organizations and people all over the country who are interested in the same thing as me, the news.

Sometimes I feel I am in information overload.

As I have said before, just when I think the world cannot get any faster it does. It feel I have to have my hands in a little bit of everything to be able to keep up. And sometimes that is overwhelming. But it is the world we live in.

What do you think about all the media outlets we have today? Is it good or is it a burden?


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The world of news is constantly changing; so are the standards changing?

Old school reporter. Images from: wholinkstome.com/blog/newer-better/

Old school reporter. Image from: wholinkstome.com/blog/newer-better/

“Along with the decline of print, whenever you get journalists together, they talk about the pros and cons of professionalizing the job. Once, journalism was something you did. Now, you study it. Many grizzled veterans of the chain-smoking newsroom days think this is ridiculous. They were appalled when people started getting college degrees in journalism.” The Huffington Post Guide to Blogging.

But studying journalism has been around for centuries.

Still today people are asking; do they have to go to college?

I actually don’t think this is a crazy question. Why wouldn’t you ask this question to yourself, when we constantly see everyday people’s blogs, tweets, and video uploads on the web, and sometimes these things make it to the news!  (a small percentage, but they do)

But is this really journalism?

The people I know, who are in the business, have certain standards, rules and laws to follow to make the news acceptable for the public. And these are things everyday people are not aware of.

Bloggers could be breaking the law and not know it. Others could be sued because of what others have written on their blog as a comment.

So even though, everyday people have news, they want to share with the World Wide Web, it is in my opinion and experience that it is not journalism.

What do you think? Do you think people need to go to school to be a journalist?

Remember I’m not asking if everyday people can report news I’m asking if their journalists.

Just a thought and I’d like to hear yours.


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