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Technorati informs us about blogging

Technorati has been releasing a report called the “State of the Blogosphere Report” every year since 2004. The report gives out information about what the latest trends and growth in the world of blogging.

This year the report focused on:

  • “Who are the bloggers?”
  • “The what and why of blogging”
  • “The how of blogging”
  • “Blogging revenues, brands and blogs”
  • “Twitter, global impact and the future of blogging”

You can visit the Technorati site or go the Online Journalism Blog, who pretty much broke down the report to basic information.

It was quite interesting to see you are the bloggers are and what their interest are. Most bloggers are into blogging for personal fulfillment rather than financial gain.


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I find that interesting; do you?


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