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extra, extra, get all your news in one place: Google Fast Flip

Get your news all in one place with Google Fast Flip. Google Fast Flip allows the viewer to look at several news websites at the same time. When a story catches your eye you can click on the page and then read the article and be led to another story. You can choose your topics and sources you would like to be led too. You can also customize your own section with topics or news sites that interest you.

Ben LaMothe, who writes a blog for Online Journalism Blog, likes the idea of Fast Flip. Paul Bradshaw, who also writes for Online Journalism Blog, does not seem as overly enthusiastic with the whole idea.

Now for me, I think it is a nice application, to be able to see the front page of all of the websites I enjoy to looking at in one place. It is also nice to go to one site and get all of the news I want. But wasn’t that what Google News was for? Why was there a need to produce Fast Flip? And if you refer to the previous post, the CEO of Google was saying they were not trying to hurt the newspaper business. So why make a site that simulates turning or flipping pages.

To me it looks like Google is trying to compensate to the readers out there who like to turn the pages.

What do you think of Google Fast Flip? If you haven’t checked it out, check out the video below or check it out yourself and come back and let me know what you think. The mobile version is available of iPhone and Android.


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my shocking results

Photo by: Sakura

Photo by: Sakura

So I might have had an epiphany while being on the streets yesterday.

I have become the person who only gets thier news online. I hate that I am that person!

I use to love to pick up an actually paper and read it. And I cannot think of the last time I have done this.

I do believe the reasoning behind it is because I have no time. So to answer the question I posted yesterday “Where do you get your news?”

My answer is the internet and I am extremely upset with these results.

I’m sure it is because I have absolutely no time to look at anything other than the computer, my phone and my steering wheel, since I am always on the go. This is no excuse though.

Another person very close to me has also become this person. My boyfriend use to buy the Sun every morning and read it before going on the job. He would call me up and tell me my horoscope for the day. He does not do either one anymore. He gets his news from the internet and talk radio.

Have you thrown the newspaper to the waist side?


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