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Where have I been?

I apologize for my lack of blogging over the last month. The holidays and being snowed in at Greenbay did not help my cause. But I am back and ready to blog the news to you.

I am going to start out the New Year on a funny note. A friend of mine, named Josh, sent me the link “11 Most Painfully Obvious Newspaper Articles Ever.” It made me laugh and showed me just how much the news industry; especially newspapers need to pay even more attention to blunders in print.



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Delusional news execs

Are news executives delusional?

The Statistics from the American Press Institute have discovered, through research that news executives believe that if they switch off their websites that it would push viewers to their newspapers. But readers have a totally different perception of the situation.

Online Journalism Blog has more info about the results and you can also go to the MediaPost Blog for a more in-depth look at the results.

What do you think; if the local newspaper turned off their web site would you go get their actual paper?

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Jon Stewart outs Fox News Channel


click the pic to see the source

Jon Stewart from The Daily Show spotted inconsistencies in a video that aired on Fox News on November 5. Fox News and one of its hosts Sean Hannity used footage from two different events and put them together in the same piece to support an argument that many people showed up at an event in Washington D.C.  

To the average viewer it may not have been noticed but when Jon Stewart breaks the piece down it is pretty obvious the differences in the footage.  Check out the link below, you will not regreat it.

Jon Stewart outing Fox News

It is sad when the news networks and newspapers try to get over on the viewers and readers. I just do not understand why journalists have to do this. It is a journalist job to report the news not make a story, journalists are shorting themselves and the public when they try to make a story go their way.

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Washington Post typos

I have talked a lot about newspapers dying and one of the huge issues has been because of the lack of readership. Well the Washington Post did not help its readership on Monday.

The Washington Post printed an article, on Monday, in their sports section that had 20 typos. Many readers complained about the typos to the editor. The excuse was that the editors had only a short time to look over the piece before sending it to print.

According to my professor, who is friends with someone at the Post, said that the article came to them with a slew of typos and that they did the best they could with the time that they had. And I’m sure that is the case, and I do understand, that with budget cuts editors are under a lot of pressure to get things done, with a lot less staff. But these kinds of mistakes are going to push readers farther and farther away from newspapers.

Like my professor stated no one wants to sit down with a red pen and read the paper.

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Politico’s new venture

cc_politico_metro_david_boyle_dcThe creators of Politico, an online political website have announced that they plan to create a local news website for Washington D.C. from scratch. They believe they can have the same success they have with Politico on a more local level of D.C.

This would defiantly be competition for the Washington Post, whose numbers in readership and sales have went down, for the newspaper, 6.40% since the year before, according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations report released last week. Some are thinking it is crazy for a company to start up a news website in these harsh economic times and in the times when the media is going through such changes.

The only good idea in this is that the new, news outlet would be online. It is suppose to focus on local news and the politics. Isn’t that what they already do with Politico, accept more nationally, but really Washington is at the center of most politics in the United States; so what is the difference?

It should be interesting to see how this plays out since there are also several newspapers in the D.C. area already; both locally and nationally.

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Subliminal newspaper placement

This blog isn’t directly related to news; it’s  just my thoughts on something sort of related to news.


Movie Poster

I just recently watched the movie “State of Play.” The movie is about a politician and a reporter who are friends from college (of course) and the politician has recently had a scandal (again big surprise) anyway, the reporter starts to dig deep into the story and finds all kinds of details out about corruption going on in the office. (yet another big surprise)

The movie brought up many great scenarios, journalists can face, while on a story, which involves being ethical. The movie also briefly talked about what newspapers are going through with management changes and what stories will or will not be able to make front page news. It’s about making money and not the story.

 Now, I don’t know whether or not my boyfriend and I noticed these points, in the movie, because of my major in school or if others also noticed these points too. We also wondered if this movie was made to subliminally bring out the fact that newspapers are dying, even though the public hears about this on an almost daily basis. Some people need product placement instead of being hit over the head with info.

Have you seen the movie; what do you think about these points?

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extra, extra, get all your news in one place: Google Fast Flip

Get your news all in one place with Google Fast Flip. Google Fast Flip allows the viewer to look at several news websites at the same time. When a story catches your eye you can click on the page and then read the article and be led to another story. You can choose your topics and sources you would like to be led too. You can also customize your own section with topics or news sites that interest you.

Ben LaMothe, who writes a blog for Online Journalism Blog, likes the idea of Fast Flip. Paul Bradshaw, who also writes for Online Journalism Blog, does not seem as overly enthusiastic with the whole idea.

Now for me, I think it is a nice application, to be able to see the front page of all of the websites I enjoy to looking at in one place. It is also nice to go to one site and get all of the news I want. But wasn’t that what Google News was for? Why was there a need to produce Fast Flip? And if you refer to the previous post, the CEO of Google was saying they were not trying to hurt the newspaper business. So why make a site that simulates turning or flipping pages.

To me it looks like Google is trying to compensate to the readers out there who like to turn the pages.

What do you think of Google Fast Flip? If you haven’t checked it out, check out the video below or check it out yourself and come back and let me know what you think. The mobile version is available of iPhone and Android.

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