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Delusional news execs

Are news executives delusional?

The Statistics from the American Press Institute have discovered, through research that news executives believe that if they switch off their websites that it would push viewers to their newspapers. But readers have a totally different perception of the situation.

Online Journalism Blog has more info about the results and you can also go to the MediaPost Blog for a more in-depth look at the results.

What do you think; if the local newspaper turned off their web site would you go get their actual paper?


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breaking_news2Hello I am Christina Mayhue. My first idea was to write about the rat problem in Baltimore County. I have since changed my mind. I now want to write about news and the content of news we are introduced to on a daily basis. My audience will be people who are interested and crave the news all day long.

From Rats to the Rat Races of News

I have changed my idea after I started to read the Huffington Post book we were given to read in class. Actually that might be bit of a lie I have wanted to write a post about the news we are exposed to on a daily basis but thought it might be easier to do the blog about the rat issue. Even though I am passionate about having cleaner neighborhoods and informing people about the issue and how they can better their own back yards, I feel my calling is to the news.

So after reading a couple of chapters out of the Huffington Post book I decided to change my subject. I want to look at news society is receiving from many outlets such as radio, TV; local, US international to British international, newspapers and the internet. I want to compare the stories and the quality of the stories. I do need some ideas to expand on my idea so if anyone has any ideas please comment me back. I am willing to take any suggestions.

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