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Search Engine Marketing

When searching a topic on Google; have you ever wondered how the results that are on the top and down the side of the page, get there? If you look at the picture below it is the words on the right of the green line.

jenny2Jenny Goodwin, Search Engine Marketer, came to my class to give us the lowdown on this fairly new terminology and her advertising techniques. Goodwin says before she was hired at her current job she had no idea what Search Engine Marketing (SEM) was, “I’m glad to be a part of it when it is so small so as it grows, I grow.”

Goodwin’s top priorities at her job are keywords, ad copy and negate. Goodwin goes to a company’s site and looks for keyword tools. She takes the key words and separates them into different groups.

“I look for precise words to put into a precise ad copy.”

 The ad copy is the words you see under the link on the Google search page. (It is circled in yellow in the picture below) Goodwin also puts keywords into the system that are spelled wrong because people misspell all the time when searching and her product could get overlooked if not in the system under the misspelling. Goodwin does have guidelines she has to follow for her ad copy; she has character limits and the ad cannot be in all caps, use the same word multiple times or use punctuation multiple times.

“My job is for the best interest of the advertiser.” And this is where the third part of her job comes in, she must negate. Goodwin has to look for negative press. If there is a recall on iPhones she does not want iPhone ads to come up on that page when it is Googled, so she has to look for keywords that are negative to the product and make sure the product is not linked with those keywords.

Others in her department do the bidding for the ad space on the Google pages. There are two types of deals a company can pay for, for their ad, the first is pay-per-click and the other is pay-per-impression. Pay-per-click is each time the site is clicked on, this is useful to start the business and is revenue. Pay-per-impression is a cost per every 1,000 hits to the site. Her company suggests to the client what type of hit would be best for their product. The people who do the bidding also look for key times the ads need to pop up during the day. They look for certain times in the day when traffic is higher on the search engine sites. The higher the ad is on the page then the more the company paid for the ad. (The ad circled in blue paid the most in the picture below)


You may have also heard the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but the two are not related. SEO is when a “spider” crawls across your sight and looks for how often a term comes across your screen. This is useful for me to get hits on my blog. SEM is used by a company to advertise.


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MySpace vs Facebook

Click the link to see the source of the picture.

Click the link to see the source of the picture.

Ok, so by now most people prefer Facebook to MySpace.

I know I am one of them. I will also admit that it took me some time to even get into the idea of  social networking. It was not until, about two years ago that I even started a MySpace account, and I did not get on Facebook until July of this year, even though I had many friends telling me to make  switch. Now I prefer Facebook to MySpace. I guess I should have listened to my friends earlier, anyway, I still go on MySpace from time to time because I still have friends who have not made the switch to Facebook and I still want to keep in contact with them.

Now the whole point to this blog is the fact that I was on MySpace this morning and I must have had at least five pop-up ads come across my screen, within the 10 to 15 min period I was on there. This was annoying and again they were the ads that move and you have to find the tiny, tiny, (x) to get rid of them.

Are the ads becoming crazier on MySpace because of the decline of users to MySpace? The New York Times ran a story in May about the decline of users to MySpace and how MySpace has rearranged their corporate end of the company so they can revamp the sight. Most of MySpaces’ revenue comes from Google and their contract is up sometime in 2010. Some are even predicting that Facebook will surpass MySpace in advertising in 2011. Which I feel could definitely be an accurate prediction.

Hide-and-seek pop-up  ads are so annoying to me and I hope others will voice their opinions about these annoying ads we have popping up on our screens. And if any of my friends on MySpace, that I’m not friends with on Facebook, have a Facebook account let me know so I can just see you on Facebook and can leave MySpace and their pop-up ads alone.

I also hope Facebook pays attention, now, and realizes how annoying the pop-up ads are and leaves them alone. What do you think of the pop-up ads we now have on web sites?


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Is Google a newspaper killer?

Image found on bangpound.org

Image found on bangpound.org

This week the theme has been “Where do you get your news?”

Last week Danny Sullivan posted an article on Search Engine Land about whether or not Google is killing newspapers.

The Google CEO Eric Schmidt says that it not Google’s intention to kill newspapers but in actuality they would like to help figure out a way to make journalism stronger.

What do you think do you think; Is Google helping or hurting the world of Journalism?

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Did you get an invite?

Update: I got my invite and am going to be riding the wave real soon!

Update on top of an update: Someone has put a bid on a Google Wave invite on Ebay.

Do you have an opinion on that?

Update: Today is the big day; Google Wave is having the preview of the product by 100,000 people.

 But if you didn’t get an invite don’t feel bad there is still a chance you can check it out before next year.

I went to Google Wave Preview  and signed up to get an invite, hopefully I can get a chance to check it out. Another way to get into the preview circle and ride the Wave is if a friend, who did receive an invite, invites you.

According to an article I read on, The Register, there are some issues that need to be addressed before the release to the general public. That is why this is a beta product and Google needs the public’s help.

Well, Google really doesn’t like the testing period to be called beta they want it to be called a preview. I don’t know why; maybe they want the public to think that the Wave is almost complete and that there is not that much more needed to be done to make it complete, but according to the article above there could be some melt downs and tweaks needed here or there to complete the product.

I’m sure I will have some updates over the next couple of days about what is going on with the Wave.

If you have been splashing around in the Wave itself, let me know how it is. And if you have been wading around the outside, on the coattails of a friend, let me know how that is going too.

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