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Catholic Schools Closing

My daughter attends a Catholic School in Baltimore, Maryland and her school is one of the 13 schools closing at the end of school year. We are saddened by the news but we look at it as being a new beginning for us.

My daughter has no special needs and I can go to any school and plan my daughter’s future now but other parents do not have this option.

The school my daughter attends has a special department that tends to the needs of children with learning disabilities. The children are only in this class for Language Arts and Math, they attend other subjects with the rest of their home room class.

The Archdiocese has not decided where to put this program they closed both schools where this program is available. The Archdiocese keeps saying how they will make their decision soon; that is not good enough. This decision cannot be taken lightly and should have been in place before the closings were announced.

Teachers at PRIDE all have to be trained to deal with special needs. Several teachers at Sacred Heart of Mary, the school my daughter attends, have stated it has taken them 10 years learn to deal and be productive with the program and the students.

At the meeting last night the panel kept stressing how the PRIDE program is their top priority; well why are these children being left behind in their “plan.”

Why did both schools that had the PRIDE imbedded in their curriculum and daily lives have to close?

Last night at a special meeting was held at Catholic High where parents were supposed to get answers; we got none.

The media is trying to cover this story but they are missing out on the PRIDE program; that is where the story is. The reporter who talked to us last night did not even know about the PRIDE program.

This is where I believe the news industry is lacking today. We follow stories about celebrities and their life but what about everyday people and their struggles. Years ago this story would have been front page!

What do you think about news coverage or the dealing with the PRIDE program?



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