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Delusional news execs

Are news executives delusional?

The Statistics from the American Press Institute have discovered, through research that news executives believe that if they switch off their websites that it would push viewers to their newspapers. But readers have a totally different perception of the situation.

Online Journalism Blog has more info about the results and you can also go to the MediaPost Blog for a more in-depth look at the results.

What do you think; if the local newspaper turned off their web site would you go get their actual paper?


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Jon Stewart outs Fox News Channel


click the pic to see the source

Jon Stewart from The Daily Show spotted inconsistencies in a video that aired on Fox News on November 5. Fox News and one of its hosts Sean Hannity used footage from two different events and put them together in the same piece to support an argument that many people showed up at an event in Washington D.C.  

To the average viewer it may not have been noticed but when Jon Stewart breaks the piece down it is pretty obvious the differences in the footage.  Check out the link below, you will not regreat it.

Jon Stewart outing Fox News

It is sad when the news networks and newspapers try to get over on the viewers and readers. I just do not understand why journalists have to do this. It is a journalist job to report the news not make a story, journalists are shorting themselves and the public when they try to make a story go their way.

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Be an expert before college

Don’t we go to school and college to learn how to do things in the world and in our career? Then why do students have to have pre requisites in at least one of three things when applying for a major. We are supposed to learn in college that’s what we pay for.

I was reading Mindy McAdams blog and she posted about the new journalism concentration at New York University, called Studio 20. McAdams states what she thinks is good and bad about the list. I definitely have to agree with her dislike of number 3: “What I disagree with: Including mere “Web journalism and blogging” in No. 3 opens the door to a lot of people who are too scared of technology to succeed in this program, in my opinion. I’ve seen a lot of students who started up a free Blogger blog and barely even know how to add a link, let alone anything more challenging, to their online work.”

The World Wide Web is very overwhelming and to expect a student to know how to do HTML as soon as they get there can be discouraging. And even if a student is competent in the other areas then they may not apply because of the thought of having to be fluent in the website world.

I feel in today’s society we try to rush and have our children know too much before their time. Kids are taking college courses in high school and in college we are expecting them to know everything already and then pay for it to be taught again. We go to college to find ourselves and our interest.

Most kids will not get a job in what they major in college in because they have lost interest in the subject or they have found something else they are more passionate about. But we are expecting them to be experts when they are applying for a major in college.

Just a thought; what do you think about pre requisites in college courses?

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Links in journalism

I was flipping through some media blogs today and found a post that I thought was very interesting. Should real-time search results end?

The post stated that in the past  journalist were the ones who ended a story. Now stories on the internet can go on forever.

One link leads to another and so forth and so on. A person can get as much information as they want on any given subject and the story seems to have no end. 


Click the picture to see the link









If a journalist can now post a link in a story, to give more information to a story, does this make the journalist lazy or allow them to focus their attention on other areas of the story?

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Technorati informs us about blogging

Technorati has been releasing a report called the “State of the Blogosphere Report” every year since 2004. The report gives out information about what the latest trends and growth in the world of blogging.

This year the report focused on:

  • “Who are the bloggers?”
  • “The what and why of blogging”
  • “The how of blogging”
  • “Blogging revenues, brands and blogs”
  • “Twitter, global impact and the future of blogging”

You can visit the Technorati site or go the Online Journalism Blog, who pretty much broke down the report to basic information.

It was quite interesting to see you are the bloggers are and what their interest are. Most bloggers are into blogging for personal fulfillment rather than financial gain.


Click the link to find the source

I find that interesting; do you?

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To post or not to post; that is the question

I got this picture from CUarts Blog. Click the pic to take you there.

I got this picture from CUarts Blog. Click the pic to take you there.

I found this great blog post today. It is about the etiquettes of online journalism. The post is basically telling readers that the same ethics used for print journalism is used for online journalism. For some reason people seem to think that ethics have changed due to the fact that they can post something online and this is far from the truth.

People can be sued for libel, defamation of character, false light, and many other things if they are not careful of what they post on the internet. People can also be fined for endorsing products without telling the public they received products or money for reviewing the product; as we learned in an earlier post.

There is definitely a gray area when it comes to ethics and the media and I think each situation has to be dealt with according to the moment. Today, because of the facts I have, I may run a story, but tomorrow, if I am given different facts, I may make a different choice, not to run the story. But I think making choices to run stories is all common sense, most of the time.

This what Gina Chen is stating in her blog. Everything she writes and gives examples of are all common sense decisions. This post is a good guide for new bloggers and a good reminder for journalists of the ethics we are taught in school.

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Is Google a newspaper killer?

Image found on

Image found on

This week the theme has been “Where do you get your news?”

Last week Danny Sullivan posted an article on Search Engine Land about whether or not Google is killing newspapers.

The Google CEO Eric Schmidt says that it not Google’s intention to kill newspapers but in actuality they would like to help figure out a way to make journalism stronger.

What do you think do you think; Is Google helping or hurting the world of Journalism?

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