Brett Favre and Greenbay; what the media is not telling you

The name Brett Favre goes hand and hand with the name Greenbay Packers, even though he has not played for them the last two NFL seasons. Brett Favre, a quarterback, is now a Minnesota Viking after playing one season last year with the New York Jets. The Vikings are a division rival to the Packers and it seems it is a no–no for a player to play for an organization for 16 years and then play for their arch rival two years later. And the media world of has went right along with this conception and convinced the rest of the world that Greenbay hates Brett Favre. This is farther from the truth.

On the outside it seems almost taboo for a visitor to Greenbay to mention the name Brett Favre without some sort of ridicule from the town and the mere mention of his restaurant, located less than two blocks from the great Lambeau Field, would provoke a riot. But this again is not the case.

Billy Davis, a visitor to Greenbay, who went to support his own team, the Baltimore Ravens, in a Monday Night Football game, was surprised when one of the local women suggested the restaurant to the out of town fan.

Davis who asked for suggestions to places to eat while in town said, “She mentioned Brett Favre restaurant and I was surprised. I asked if she had any ill feeling towards Favre because he was now a Viking and she told me no she would always be a fan.”   

As Davis and his brother, Vince Emmel, continued their stay at Greenbay they went on to find this same attitude towards Brett Favre in the town of Greenbay.

“I was surprised and shocked at how they felt about Favre,” said Emmel, “When coming here I was led to believe, by the media, that Greenbay fans would hate Favre for being a Viking.”

Emmel even asked the waitress at the IHOP what she thought about the Brett Favre being a Viking.

Gayle, who is a season ticket holder at Lambeau Field, said, “Oh no, I could never be mad at him or his family, they did so much for our community while they were here. It was a choice he had to make and to be honest I think the front office was trying to push him out.”

Gayle went on to explain how the local media started to ask Favre when he was 34, when he was going to retire. Favre is now 40 and playing at the top of his game as a Viking. For years Favre went back and forth with the media and the NFL on his decision to retire from football.

“ Of course, when you have people constantly talking to you and planting the seed in your head to retire you are going to struggle and second guess yourself if you are making the right decision.” said Gayle. “I will always be a Favre fan.”

Sometimes it seems as though the media takes a story and twists it the way that they want the outcome to be and the story no longer is the truth it is a twisted perception of the truth. This is bad journalism.

Journalists need to realize they are not the story; the story is the story bottom line. Davis and Emmel have both learned and confirmed from their trip to Greenbay that the media bends the truth and they have both lost a little more faith in the news and media.


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