What do you read locally?


I have been sending out emails last week and this week to local weekly papers trying to get some info for my next feature. I thought I was running out of luck.

Two of the three papers said to send them the questions. One paper has not gotten back to me. I was starting to think I was going to have to change my feature story when one paper contacted me today to tell me they have most of the answers but was going to get with his boss about a couple of the other ones.

The other paper told me they could not answer the questions because of the law, but could only answer a few questions. I asked her to answer the questions she could and keep the rest blank, so we will see.

Now this is where my loyal readers come in. I would like to know what local weekly papers you read and why you continue to read them?



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5 responses to “What do you read locally?

  1. Donna

    I get the Record Observer on Fridays. I like to get a local yocal paper because it has a What to Do page that lets me know about all of the local activities for the weekend. The paper usually has coupons for the local resturants too! (that helps)

  2. Crystal Sears

    I always read The City paper. I find it to be both entertaining and informative, and it keeps me updated on upcoming events around the city

  3. Laura

    I read the Dundalk Eagle. I like it because all of the articles directly relate to the area I live in.

  4. The East Baltimore Guide and the City Paper. For all the reasons listed above: entertaining, local information.

  5. Ashley

    I really like the B daily newspaper- not in depth, but a quick look at some important local issues and some fun stuff too.

    Otherwise I read the NYT online and sometimes the Sun online.

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