Politico’s new venture

cc_politico_metro_david_boyle_dcThe creators of Politico, an online political website have announced that they plan to create a local news website for Washington D.C. from scratch. They believe they can have the same success they have with Politico on a more local level of D.C.

This would defiantly be competition for the Washington Post, whose numbers in readership and sales have went down, for the newspaper, 6.40% since the year before, according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations report released last week. Some are thinking it is crazy for a company to start up a news website in these harsh economic times and in the times when the media is going through such changes.

The only good idea in this is that the new, news outlet would be online. It is suppose to focus on local news and the politics. Isn’t that what they already do with Politico, accept more nationally, but really Washington is at the center of most politics in the United States; so what is the difference?

It should be interesting to see how this plays out since there are also several newspapers in the D.C. area already; both locally and nationally.


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