Subliminal newspaper placement

This blog isn’t directly related to news; it’s  just my thoughts on something sort of related to news.


Movie Poster

I just recently watched the movie “State of Play.” The movie is about a politician and a reporter who are friends from college (of course) and the politician has recently had a scandal (again big surprise) anyway, the reporter starts to dig deep into the story and finds all kinds of details out about corruption going on in the office. (yet another big surprise)

The movie brought up many great scenarios, journalists can face, while on a story, which involves being ethical. The movie also briefly talked about what newspapers are going through with management changes and what stories will or will not be able to make front page news. It’s about making money and not the story.

 Now, I don’t know whether or not my boyfriend and I noticed these points, in the movie, because of my major in school or if others also noticed these points too. We also wondered if this movie was made to subliminally bring out the fact that newspapers are dying, even though the public hears about this on an almost daily basis. Some people need product placement instead of being hit over the head with info.

Have you seen the movie; what do you think about these points?


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