Twitter banned in the sports world

ESPN was continuing to talk last night about the ban of tweeting before, during, the middle, or right after the game. North American sports ranging from the NFL, NBA and the NHL have banned tweeting.

One issue that has come to light this season is the fact that Larry Fitzgerald’s brother was tweeting during a game about Kurt Warner, who is Fitzgerald’s teammate, later Fitzgerald’s brother said he was only joking.

The ban could also go onto Facebook and would not be limited to just the players. The ban will involve coaches and other personnel. The reporters for ESPN were banned from using twitter as a means to report on the news in early August.

It amazes me that technology has become so big and so incorporated in our lives that changes have been made to the sports world.

I am torn on the idea on banning tweeting. On one hand I think the players need to be focused on the game and on the other hand I think the players should have the freedom to do what they want.

What do you think?

Click the pic to see the source

Click the pic to see the source


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One response to “Twitter banned in the sports world

  1. NO WAY! Twitter should not be banned by anyone. I mean, maybe I can understand during the game…you wouldnt want Fitz running in the locker room in between ball possessions to update his twitter. But after? It dosen’t make sense, if they have something they want to get off their chest, its easier to post it on twitter then to say it with 10 cameras and lights in your face. It’s their right. Sports organizations need to stop concentrating on babysitting everyone.

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