Feet in the street

The newspaper is dying and the news is changing. That is what we constantly hear.

Today I am going to hit the streets of Baltimore and ask people where they get their news from.

If I don’t happen to see you on the streets you can leave me a comment and let me know where you get your news from: newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, or internet.

I will be pulling all my data together at the end of the day. Help me out and let me hear your voice: “Where you get your news?”



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7 responses to “Feet in the street

  1. Michele

    FOX news & FoxNews.com

  2. Christine Coleman

    Morning and evening news is WJZ. I keep on Fox news while I’m working in my office during the day.

  3. Betty Wells

    I get my news from Fox News Network, and TMZ on Twitter.

  4. jennifer bishoff

    usually i get my news from the internet or 11pm news. Only read the paper on Sundays and get it for the coupons…

  5. Crystal Sears

    I get my news from a variety of sources; the internet, television, newspapers, etc. One of the main sources for hearing news is actually from word of mouth.

  6. debbie

    wbal or internet

  7. Katie Hopper

    All my news comes off the internet. I’m too busy to ever sit down and watch the news on television. Occasionally I get some news on the radio while driving but that rarely happens.

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