Ads, internet, phones; oh my

 There has been lots of talk this week about advertisements this week on the web. The first business talk this week was about AdSense and how they have new ways to optimize showing advertisements to high-end mobile customers. The Google AdSense will automatically check to see if your phone is optimized to handle the size of the ad and if it’s not they will move on to the next phone.

Oh goody, this is the first time I will be hoping my phone can’t handle something.

Next we have banner ads. Apparently people are not clicking on them as much as they use too. And a whole study was done on how there has been a decline in clicks and tips for living in a post-click world. If you would like more details on this fascinating subject check out the link. Barely Anybody Clicks On Banner Ads Anymore.

I have for one cannot ever remember clicking on a banner ad, let alone even looking that way. Banner ads to me are similar to newspaper or magazine ads I barley pay attention to them. The only ads I pay attention to are on the web and they are the ones that pop-up on the screen and the only reason I do, pay attention, is because I am trying to get it out of the way. I feel like I am playing hide-and-seek with the ad. I am trying to find the close button to get it out of the way. They put the close button in different places all the time, the button  gets smaller and smaller, and on top of that some ads move around the screen on me. What is that? So not only do I have to find the button that is in a different place I have to catch it too!

Internet ad revenue has also gone down this year. Maybe because no one is clicking on the ads as much or realized that people have never really clicked on the ads. What’s your thought?


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