Network News….Love it, hate it

There have been questions to whether or not the resources and coverage of world events have fallen to the back seat here in the US, even with our major news networks, who we have come to depend on to get our world news. Resources have been cut so news networks have not been able to send journalists to as many countries to cover the news.

Many Americans have been going to other news sources, such as the BBC. Others who are not prejudice and small minded have been going to Al Jazeera, who has their own English division of the news. Now people can say they are bias in some stories like the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, they are clearly on the side of Palestinian, with the tear jerking stories of how the people are suffering. But what news organizations are unbiased these days? Someone always has a motive. I’m not saying its right but they do.

 So, in seeing a blog posted by Mindy McAdams, America needs Al Jazeera English, I thought I would check out the other major world news networks web sites. I was surprised by my results.

The Al Jazeera and the BBC both had similar front pages to their websites and similar stories and coverage.  Fox Network also had similar top stories but CNN had coverage of the Emmy’s! Nowhere in the top portion of the page was there anything stating there will be failure in Afghanistan, which is a top story in all of the other networks webpages. All the stations have found this crucial news today. CNN did not.

Check out each of the links and let me know what you think about the story coverage today.  


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