Newest craze to make the news crazy….Google Wave

Google Wave is the newest communication tool that Google will be offering the public of World Wide Web users.

Google teased America, in May, by making their big announcement about the new communication tool. Google Wave is going to allow users to talk to each other in real time. So, as the user is typing out the message the receiver of the message will be able to see the letters go across the screen as the idea is coming to the other person.

If a mistake is made the receiver will see that too and will be able to see part of the message retract across the screen before their eyes!

Google Wave will debut on at the end of the month, on September 30, 100,000 invites will go out. I hope I’m one of them. I want to check this out.

Talk about up to the second communication. The technology world does not let us catch our breath. Just when we think we are going as fast as we can, something else comes along.

What do you think about Google Wave?

I’ll keep you posted on how this turns out.



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6 responses to “Newest craze to make the news crazy….Google Wave

  1. jennifer bishoff

    That is crazy. Often in a meesage to someone after typing I go back and take things out. The first thing that comes out of my mouth well should we say fingers, lol needs to be edited. I will not be using the google wave, it could cause alot of confusion. So glad you informed me of this, I had no idea.

  2. jennifer bishoff

    Ok now i watched the you tube video you posted, amazing, isnt it. Thanks again

  3. Laura

    Cool! It is like really fancy AIM. What will they think of next?

  4. Anonymous

    I don’t think I would enjoy Google wave. I like to go back and edit what I am sending before it is sent. This is good info to know

    • Christina

      The general consensus i have gotten about Google wave is that it sounds nice but they wouldn’t want to use it because they edit what they say. I think people will have to filter there thoughts more closely.

  5. Donna

    I think that Google Wave is nuts. I always speak or type before I think! If I use Google Wave I will be short quite a few contacts after they read my thoughts!! The world does not need to be that fast.

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