The world of news is constantly changing; so are the standards changing?

Old school reporter. Images from:

Old school reporter. Image from:

“Along with the decline of print, whenever you get journalists together, they talk about the pros and cons of professionalizing the job. Once, journalism was something you did. Now, you study it. Many grizzled veterans of the chain-smoking newsroom days think this is ridiculous. They were appalled when people started getting college degrees in journalism.” The Huffington Post Guide to Blogging.

But studying journalism has been around for centuries.

Still today people are asking; do they have to go to college?

I actually don’t think this is a crazy question. Why wouldn’t you ask this question to yourself, when we constantly see everyday people’s blogs, tweets, and video uploads on the web, and sometimes these things make it to the news!  (a small percentage, but they do)

But is this really journalism?

The people I know, who are in the business, have certain standards, rules and laws to follow to make the news acceptable for the public. And these are things everyday people are not aware of.

Bloggers could be breaking the law and not know it. Others could be sued because of what others have written on their blog as a comment.

So even though, everyday people have news, they want to share with the World Wide Web, it is in my opinion and experience that it is not journalism.

What do you think? Do you think people need to go to school to be a journalist?

Remember I’m not asking if everyday people can report news I’m asking if their journalists.

Just a thought and I’d like to hear yours.



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3 responses to “The world of news is constantly changing; so are the standards changing?

  1. I agree you do need to go to school for journalism. I am sure there are laws and regulations that need to be followed and it’s much easier to get a job with a diploma. I think there should be a course in bedside manner. There are alot of idiots out there still even with college. I hate seeing reporters chasing down victims families for a story I think that is wrong. I think with anything if you are passionate about it you will be great college or not.

    • Chrisitna

      Thanks for the thought. From the outside it does seem mean or uncaring to chase down a victims family and I do agree that some reporters are ruthless but the story does need to be told. But there is a right and wrong way to do it, and reporters need to think what if they were in the victims shoes. And that is one thing I have been taught in school, try to get the story and be respectful.

  2. jennifer bishoff

    I feel that you do need to go to school for journalism

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