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Did you get an invite?

Update: I got my invite and am going to be riding the wave real soon!

Update on top of an update: Someone has put a bid on a Google Wave invite on Ebay.

Do you have an opinion on that?

Update: Today is the big day; Google Wave is having the preview of the product by 100,000 people.

 But if you didn’t get an invite don’t feel bad there is still a chance you can check it out before next year.

I went to Google Wave Preview  and signed up to get an invite, hopefully I can get a chance to check it out. Another way to get into the preview circle and ride the Wave is if a friend, who did receive an invite, invites you.

According to an article I read on, The Register, there are some issues that need to be addressed before the release to the general public. That is why this is a beta product and Google needs the public’s help.

Well, Google really doesn’t like the testing period to be called beta they want it to be called a preview. I don’t know why; maybe they want the public to think that the Wave is almost complete and that there is not that much more needed to be done to make it complete, but according to the article above there could be some melt downs and tweaks needed here or there to complete the product.

I’m sure I will have some updates over the next couple of days about what is going on with the Wave.

If you have been splashing around in the Wave itself, let me know how it is. And if you have been wading around the outside, on the coattails of a friend, let me know how that is going too.


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Beat twitters I follow

There are some really great people I have found over the last couple of days on Twitter, to follow for my beat. Their blogs and tweets have helped keep me intune and up to date with what is going on in the world.


@10000words Mark S. Luckie has a multimedia journalism blog with the same name as his twitter.
@digitaljournal Digitaljournal reports from over 140 countries, it is a media news network.
@TMCmedia Media Consortium is a media outlet that supports independent journalism.
@smh_multimedia SMH Multimedia is based in Australia and is an award-winning multimedia and photos for “The Sydney Morning Herald.”
@bpsears Bryan P. Sears works for Patuxent Publishing Co. in Baltimore County as political editor and blogger.
@MsBeat Ms. Beat runs the blog on is on top the multimedia beat reporting scene.
@pgillin Paul Gillin is a speaker, writer and social media marketing consultant he also has his own blog.
@lavrusik Vadim Lavrusik is a Columbia Journalism New Media grad student and has a blog named after himself. 


@CIRChrista Christa Scharfenberg has many hats but what sticks out to me is her interest in nonprofit journalism and investigative reporting.
@mediatwit Mark Glaser is the executive editor of PBS MediaShift and is a writer.
@MartinLangeveld MartinLangeveld is a new media blogger for
@nickdimarco Nick DiMarco is a Towson University Mass Comm. major that will be graduating this winter. He is also my fellow class mate who has a similar blog topic.
Over the last couple of days I have really felt connected to the new media world through twitter, blogs, Google Reader and websites. I have been able to connect with some organizations and people all over the country who are interested in the same thing as me, the news.

Sometimes I feel I am in information overload.

As I have said before, just when I think the world cannot get any faster it does. It feel I have to have my hands in a little bit of everything to be able to keep up. And sometimes that is overwhelming. But it is the world we live in.

What do you think about all the media outlets we have today? Is it good or is it a burden?


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Network News….Love it, hate it

There have been questions to whether or not the resources and coverage of world events have fallen to the back seat here in the US, even with our major news networks, who we have come to depend on to get our world news. Resources have been cut so news networks have not been able to send journalists to as many countries to cover the news.

Many Americans have been going to other news sources, such as the BBC. Others who are not prejudice and small minded have been going to Al Jazeera, who has their own English division of the news. Now people can say they are bias in some stories like the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, they are clearly on the side of Palestinian, with the tear jerking stories of how the people are suffering. But what news organizations are unbiased these days? Someone always has a motive. I’m not saying its right but they do.

 So, in seeing a blog posted by Mindy McAdams, America needs Al Jazeera English, I thought I would check out the other major world news networks web sites. I was surprised by my results.

The Al Jazeera and the BBC both had similar front pages to their websites and similar stories and coverage.  Fox Network also had similar top stories but CNN had coverage of the Emmy’s! Nowhere in the top portion of the page was there anything stating there will be failure in Afghanistan, which is a top story in all of the other networks webpages. All the stations have found this crucial news today. CNN did not.

Check out each of the links and let me know what you think about the story coverage today.  

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Newest craze to make the news crazy….Google Wave

Google Wave is the newest communication tool that Google will be offering the public of World Wide Web users.

Google teased America, in May, by making their big announcement about the new communication tool. Google Wave is going to allow users to talk to each other in real time. So, as the user is typing out the message the receiver of the message will be able to see the letters go across the screen as the idea is coming to the other person.

If a mistake is made the receiver will see that too and will be able to see part of the message retract across the screen before their eyes!

Google Wave will debut on at the end of the month, on September 30, 100,000 invites will go out. I hope I’m one of them. I want to check this out.

Talk about up to the second communication. The technology world does not let us catch our breath. Just when we think we are going as fast as we can, something else comes along.

What do you think about Google Wave?

I’ll keep you posted on how this turns out.


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The world of news is constantly changing; so are the standards changing?

Old school reporter. Images from:

Old school reporter. Image from:

“Along with the decline of print, whenever you get journalists together, they talk about the pros and cons of professionalizing the job. Once, journalism was something you did. Now, you study it. Many grizzled veterans of the chain-smoking newsroom days think this is ridiculous. They were appalled when people started getting college degrees in journalism.” The Huffington Post Guide to Blogging.

But studying journalism has been around for centuries.

Still today people are asking; do they have to go to college?

I actually don’t think this is a crazy question. Why wouldn’t you ask this question to yourself, when we constantly see everyday people’s blogs, tweets, and video uploads on the web, and sometimes these things make it to the news!  (a small percentage, but they do)

But is this really journalism?

The people I know, who are in the business, have certain standards, rules and laws to follow to make the news acceptable for the public. And these are things everyday people are not aware of.

Bloggers could be breaking the law and not know it. Others could be sued because of what others have written on their blog as a comment.

So even though, everyday people have news, they want to share with the World Wide Web, it is in my opinion and experience that it is not journalism.

What do you think? Do you think people need to go to school to be a journalist?

Remember I’m not asking if everyday people can report news I’m asking if their journalists.

Just a thought and I’d like to hear yours.


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breaking_news2Hello I am Christina Mayhue. My first idea was to write about the rat problem in Baltimore County. I have since changed my mind. I now want to write about news and the content of news we are introduced to on a daily basis. My audience will be people who are interested and crave the news all day long.

From Rats to the Rat Races of News

I have changed my idea after I started to read the Huffington Post book we were given to read in class. Actually that might be bit of a lie I have wanted to write a post about the news we are exposed to on a daily basis but thought it might be easier to do the blog about the rat issue. Even though I am passionate about having cleaner neighborhoods and informing people about the issue and how they can better their own back yards, I feel my calling is to the news.

So after reading a couple of chapters out of the Huffington Post book I decided to change my subject. I want to look at news society is receiving from many outlets such as radio, TV; local, US international to British international, newspapers and the internet. I want to compare the stories and the quality of the stories. I do need some ideas to expand on my idea so if anyone has any ideas please comment me back. I am willing to take any suggestions.

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